Hot Shot Secret Stiction Eliminator 1qt.

Hot Shot Secret Stiction Eliminator 1qt.


Original Stiction Eliminator will stop excessive black smoke and bucking and chugging on cold starts. It not only cleans injectors but other parts of the engine as well, including the turbocharger.

Scientifically formulated to eliminate the stiction build-up that causes most injectors to fail. Pour one treatment of our Original Stiction Eliminator into your oil BEFORE replacing your injectors. In less than 4,000 miles you will see, hear and feel the difference as your injectors come back online. And you’ll save thousands of dollars by not replacing injectors that weren’t broken to begin with! Recommended for ALL diesel and gasoline engines, even without symptoms like failing injectors, stiction is being made.

  • Restores 9 out of 10 “Failing” HEUI Injectors

  • Reduces wear by up to 62% more than our competitors

  • Removes 50% more stiction than the leading competitor

  • Improves Power & Compression

  • Replaces engine oil, ideally with a fresh oil change.

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